Best Weight Loss Supplement: Nutri-Thin by SPX Life Sciences

Best Weight Loss Supplement: Nutri-Thin by SPX Life Sciences

Best Weight Loss Supplement: Nutri-Thin by SPX Life Sciences

When you are really serious about losing those unwanted pounds and belly fat, sometimes you just need a little bit of help to support your efforts. You are eating right & exercising, but those pounds and belly fat are coming off so slowly. What we have to remember is that it took years to accumulate the pounds and belly fat we may have now. So it’s definitely not an overnight process to lose it and get back to a healthy weight and body.

However, there are some natural ways & things that you can do to help speed the process along. Meditation & Subliminal Messages can definitely help aid in the process (from the inside out). However, I firmly believe in achieving your goals on both fronts – mental and physical. So choosing a weight loss supplement to help you along the process can be a very wise decision if this is the route that you want to take.

There are definitely so many weight loss supplements out there, it’s surely can be like finding a needle in a haystack to find something that will benefit you. You definitely want something that has all natural ingredients to benefit the body as well benefit your weight loss journey. So before I tell you about the best weight loss supplement on the market, I wanted to share my unexpected results with this product.

I Just Needed The Energy, So I Thought?

Best Weight Loss Supplement: Nutri-Thin by SPX Life Sciences

I started taking this product 3 years ago, cause I heard so much about the incredible energy that it provides. In addition, it has the full spectrum of the Vitamin B Complex which your body needs anyhow. I certainly didn’t want to drink coffee all the time for energy. Wanted something without the “coffee crash”.

I was pleasantly surprised with this product. It gave me wonderful energy throughout the day. It was not that jittery type of energy. It was a more sustained and alert type of energy. And it sustained me throughout the entire day. It does have caffeine in it, but it’s from natural guarana – so I firmly believe this is why there is no “crash” as normally what happens when drinking coffee.

For most of my life, I never really had to lose weight. In fact, I was such a “string bean” growing up, I have been trying to gain weight. Back in my 20s, with the help of a health coach, I was able to gain weight and achieve my ideal weight goals. Over the years, I was able to maintain my weight.

Ironically what happened for me after taking this product, my waist slimmed down, belly flattened and lost 11lbs. I didn’t even know I needed to lose any weight. Ha ha!! But that’s the power of this product. I work out daily and for the most part eat right and mostly organic. But this just enhanced the entire processed and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised.

About SPX Life Sciences

Best Weight Loss Supplement: Nutri-Thin by SPX Life Sciences

SPX Life Sciences (formally SPX Nutrition) launched on May 16, 2014, with Rick Wall (CEO) and Tracy Duke (COO) at the head of this launch. They experienced tremendous growth in only 4 months of launching and surpassed their projections. SPX started off with just three products: Nutri-Thin (Weight Loss), Nutri-Cleanse (Detox), & VitaSea (seaweed supplement) and now has 7 total health & wellness and skincare products.

With Nutri-Thin alone, Rick Wall has built this product alone to a 3 million + per year product and continues to grow on a yearly basis! SPX also has on staff a Corporate Trainer/Coach, Nutritionist & Medical Specialist.

SPX prides itself in offering top of line, quality, natural, gluten free, non synthetic health supplements.

Their mission is improve people’s lives both nutritionally.

What Makes Nutri-Thin So Different?

Best Weight Loss Supplement: Nutri-Thin by SPX Life Sciences

With so many weight loss supplements on the market today, what makes Nutri-Thin so different? Well first, Nutri-Thin is scientifically formulated to target three key areas:

  • Dramatically increase your energy levels
  • Surpress your appetite
  • Burn excess body fat

The energy mainly comes from the full Vitamin B complex (yes, including B12!).

Nutri-Thin suppresses the appetite by feeding the brain receptors making you feel satisfied. This is done by using the same ingredient found in raw chocolate! ๐Ÿ™‚

The combination of the other natural ingredients speeds up the metabolism process in your body through a process called thermogenesis.

What’s In It?

Great question!!!

Complex Vitamin B Complex: Vitamin B and others from the complex are crucial for providing our bodies with nutrition & energy, so we can feel energized and alert. B vitamins are also essential for the normal functioning of the nervous system and also aids in reducing stress and fatigue by providing relaxation and energy.

Phenylethylamine (PEA): Say what? It’s not as ugly as the word looks! In short, PEA is simply related to endorphin release. Combined with Vitamin B6 Niacinamide (responsible for release of serotonin) produces a natural feeling of happiness and well-being to support the body and handle stress. It also feeds your brain’s appetite suppressors

Bitter Orange: Scientist has confirmed that Bitter Orange is a natural way to significantly increase thermogenesis in the body, which results in faster weight loss and fat burning. It’s known for it’s appetite suppressing, fat burning, and increased stamina and endurance properties.

Acai Berry: There is no secret here what the power of this berry can do. Very high antioxidant capacity which has more antioxidants that cranberries, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, or blueberry. Pretty awesome, huh? Anthocyanins and flavonoids in this berry are strong antioxidants that help defend the body life stressors by neutralizing free radicals (which are harmful) in the body.

Siberian Ginseng: This has the active ingredient “Eleutherosides” which is known to enhance memory, increase physical performance, improve overall health, immune system support and even provides energy to the body.

Those are main ingredients. For your convenience, I have provided a snapshot of the label to view everything else:

Best Weight Loss Supplement: Nutri-Thin by SPX Life Sciences

How much?

Best Weight Loss Supplement: Nutri-Thin by SPX Life Sciences

Here is the big question everyone always want to know! So how much is it? For a full 30-day supply, you will only pay $30 (normally $50)

Note: SPX Life Sciences recently transitioned into a direct to consumer model which means I do not receive any commissions or compensation for referring you to this product/company. This company has great products and has helped many people’s lives – so this is why this post is still active and I continue to refer others.

Increase Energy – Control Appetite – Burn Fat

If you are looking for some weight loss support, increase your energy levels, control appetite and burn fat – then Nutri-Thin may indeed be the product for you! SPX offers a full 30-day money back guarantee as well.

It’s really no secret why it’s actually the best weight loss supplement on the market today.

Get some Nutri-Thin Today!!!

Best Weight Loss Supplement: Nutri-Thin by SPX Life Sciences

Supercharge Your Weight Loss & Fat Burning….

If you are looking to supercharge your weight loss and fat burning goals. Here’s a little secret that the western cultures has been using for centuries! Add Green Tea to your regime! Yes, that’s right.

However, if you are like me, I am not too fond of the taste of Green Tea, so I love taking Green Tea Extract. It’s a great way to still reap the health benefits of green tea and enjoy the fat burning properties as well.

Below is my #1 recommended Organic Green Tea Extract by True Veda.

Note – this product does have naturally occurring caffeine (4.2% or 16.8mg) for a gentle boost.

Looking For a Decaff Option?

ZenWise Health offers a decaff green tea extract + vitamin C. I have used this product and works great too. This product does have 725mg of green tea extract per serving. So if you are sensitive to that much green tea in your system, I would stick with Organic Green Tea Extract by True Veda which has 300mg per serving.

To Your Health & Wellness!

If you found value in this post, have comments regarding the topic, or have any questions I can answer for you, please leave your comments below. Would love to hear from you!

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26 Comments on “Best Weight Loss Supplement: Nutri-Thin by SPX Life Sciences

  1. Hi LT,

    Thank you for your Nutri-Thin by SPX Life Sciences review. I like to test these supplements from time to time and most of the time I had great results. I believe that Nutri-Thin is recommended as well. I see you have been using it for a while which is cool and proves it works. Thank you again for the information. All the best!

    • Thank so much Ivan for stopping by and taking the time to comment and you are most welcomed for the review. I am definitely a product of the product here. Feel free to stop by any time. Blessings! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hey LT! you look real cool in your picture and the work you put in shows. I really took to your anxiety topic. I tend to have a lot of it when I am going through tough situations and even when I am leveling up and achieving goals, its weird. 

    I love yoga and I used to practice it daily but now I can’t seem to find time for  it. Meditation too. I just wanted to say thanks for the reminder that health is both physical and mental.

    Great website!

    • Thanks so much Kira for the compliment and for stopping by and commenting. I am glad you were able to gain value from my articles. With one the Meditation programs I use (Zen12), you can get the benefits of 1 hour of meditation in just 12 mins through the powerful technology called “brainwave entrainment”. It’s really awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

      Let me know if I can be of any further assistance!

      Blessings! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hey LT,

    Thank you for this very informative product review on SPX NutriThin. I am intrigued by this product as I have gained my pounds back that I lost over the summer. I don’t really have a personal health coach, so I usually struggle to keep up my workout routine. I think I really need to set fitness goals for myself.

    My problem is that I have had to change jobs recently but also trying to break out and become an entrepreneur at the same time. So it has been a struggle along with family problems adding to the stress load. It looks like this product has alot of the best B-complex vitamins and other all-natural ingredients needed to absorb all of the vitamins.

    I will definitely have to check it out soon as I have recently got back into the gym after a month layoff. Building an online business is alot of hard work and I need to constantly find new ways of gaining energy and watching the types of food that I eat. Thank you for providing these great details on the product and I will take it into consideration. 

    • Hello Daniel – thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! You are very much welcome for the information provided here. My goal is to help and inspire others to achieve their goals, including their health and well-being. And yes, the product has all the vitamin B complex and other all natural ingredients which I love. 

      I understand your situation and there are ways which you can actually get your product in essence for free – let me know if interested. If you have any questions or if I can be of further assistance, please do let me know.

      Blessings to you and your health & well-being! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I’be been looking for a way to lose weight for awhile now but everywhere seems to be the same “subscribe to our program” junk.
    I like how this takes away the whole vibe from those other deals.

    I’m interested in how it give you energy, I always find myself wanting to sit down and not do anything as if I already done enough for the day.
    My only question about it is, are there any side effects to using this?
    The “no coffee crash” is also really good news as well as how its made from natural guarana. 

    • Hello Joe – thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! Yes, that’s what I love about SPX and any of their products, there is no hype or pressure. It’s just simple – use the products and achieve the results you desire. No subscriptions necessary! Ha ha!

      As for the energy, it comes from the combination of all the natural ingredients. However, it mainly comes from the full Vitamin B Complex which is responsible for providing our bodies with nutrition and energy. Additionally, also from the natural guarana as well. 

      Let me know if you have any further questions or if I can be assistance. To Your Health & Well-Being! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I lost 120# with the help of Nutri-thin. I got back into my high school clothes sizes. I did that several years ago. More important, NT has helped me to KEEP IT OFF. Especially thru the winters. This is not a diet pill gimmick. And the company support is the best. It’s not just about “skinny”, it’s about healthy.

    • Hello Rick – thanks so much for stopping and commenting and sharing your experience with NT. That’s super awesome and truly amazing. Congratulations!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ To Your continued Health & Well-Being! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I started taking nutrithin, not because I need to lose weight but because of the natural energy it gives me. I found myself getting tired around noon time. I no longer feel tired during the day.

    • Hello Joyce – thanks so much for stopping by and commenting and sharing your experience with NT and the incredible energy that it provides. That was too my main reason for starting to utilize the product and gave me surprisingly even more benefits for sure. Blessings to you and thanks again for sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Wow, this came the right time, I’ve done the body fat today and turn out that I have 35% fat, I need to drop 30 pounds ASAP, I heard about supplements a lot and usually, my first reaction is, no way man, I can see you are on something here, and knowing that you personally tried and worked for you that is a bit assuring.

    Thank you for the valuable information and thorough explanation


    • Hello Amer – thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Yes, it helps when you see testimonials of those who have used the product and have had success with it. I only use or take anything that is all natural or organic – so I had no issues with this product at all. 30lbs? No problem! You should check out the 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge where the company actually pays you to lose weight and offers free support during your journey too. Let me know if I can be of any assistance. Blessings & Health to you in 2019!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Hi, there thank you for providing this very resourceful information on supplemental weight loss because LORD knows I need me some of this haha. ๐Ÿ™‚ The main problem for me is when I took any dietary supplements is that it gave me the jitters and or anxiety, so I had to discontinue taking the products. I like that you are aware of this problem and that this product doesn’t have such an unfortunate effect of the jitters.
    Would you say it’s like a Starbucks expresso effect :)?

    • Hello Viviana (such a beautiful name by the way!) – thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I totally hear you about the jitters or anxiety. What’s so ironic is one of the main things most people praise the product for is no jittery feeling of energy. For some reason I just never liked the taste of Starbucks coffee (ha ha!), so can’t tell you the effect of the expresso. The best way that I can describe it is…..a sustained feeling of energy throughout the entire day. It’s great if you work long hours to stay awake. I recently read a testimonial from a student who uses this for college for those long nights of studying! I love it as I work long hours and also a musician, so many times have to work on music at night and never have any products with staying alert or energized. It just stays with you all day long. The company offers a 30 day money back guarantee and also has a challenge where they pay you to lose weight. Cash for pounds! Blessings & Health to you in 2019. Let me know if I can be of any assistance. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Hello LT,

    Great review! I am so glad that I found your write up regarding this product. Though I no longer need to be thin because I am relatively petite and I am conscious with my body weight and with my body fats but this is one thing that my husband needs. It is good to know that there is a product out there in the market that is healthy, so natural and effective such as this โ€“ a product that can boost alertness and can make you thinner without damaging your health; unlike other products that will make you thinner drastically; however, your kidneys will also be compromised and some will drain out your energy literally.

    Itโ€™s good to know that Nutri-Thin has some energy and alertness components because sometimes I feel sleepy and lack energy that will keep me focused especially when at work. Lucky for me, Iโ€™ve read this article. Your review is so helpful and informative as you discussed thoroughly one by one the productโ€™s contents and I understood how this product made you alert the whole day; especially when you shared your own experience with this product.

    I also like the way the review is done when you discussed how the product works, what it is doing; showing us the dynamics where vitamin B complex including Vitamin B12 plays a role. In this way, it is easy to understand why the product can deliver what it is claiming to be.

    Thanks for this knowledgeable and helpful product review!


    • Joyce – thanks so much for stopping by and reading this post and also for commenting. Truly appreciated. I am so glad to hear that you found this product review very helpful and hopefully it can be of some benefit for your husband which you mentioned. Some people use it for just the energy and some people use it for weight loss. The body is an amazing thing, it knows what to do. Let me know if I can be of any assistance. Blessings to you and thanks again for thorough comment.

  10. This looks like a wonderful dietary supplement. I do not need to lose weight right now, but I could stand to lose a few pounds. I surf and it helps to be on the slimmer side.

    As a university student, I will have to hold off on buying this. I just cannot afford to pay $50/month or even $40/month at this point in my life. Given what you told me though, this is worth serious consideration. Down the road, I will come back to this.

    At the beginning of this article you mentioned you eat right and mostly organic. What does that entail exactly? It is always to interesting to hear what people eat in their day to day lives. And as a guy on a budget, it is my best alternative.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

    • Hello and thanks so much Alex for stopping by and commenting! Great to hear from you. That’s awesome that your surf. Always admire those who surf. That’s so awesome!! No worries, there are actually ways where you can get your product for free. If interested, let me know – just PM me. As for eating right and mostly organic, I eat lots of fruits and take a seaweed supplement. I also drink a very powerful organic shake in the morning filled with lots of fruits and veggies. Great way to start the morning. I added a link to the product if you were interested. Wishing you the very best in University. ๐Ÿ™‚ Blessings & Health to You! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I so much love the level at which medicine has advanced. Weight loss used to be this big barrier to cross. Even though it still needs dedication to lose weight, medicine has made it easy for us with the provision of weight loss supplements like Nutri-Thin. I believe that this product because I know SPX to have produced other great supplements. 

    • Hello Dhayours – Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Yes, you are 100% correct. It takes dedication to achieve one’s weight loss goals, but thanks for Nutri-Thin and other great products, it makes achieving your goals much more easily with the support. Let me know if you have any questions. Wishing you much health and well being ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Hi Turner, 

    I really have a good fortune reading this article. It was well-written and contained sound, practical information about Weight Loss Supplement. In fact, I have really benefited from it. I also got to learn about SPX Life Sciences. You pointed out several things that are really useful. I look forward to reading your next informative work. Thank you.

    • Thanks so much Fasuan for stopping by and commenting. Very grateful that you found the article of some value and that you benefited from the info. Let me know if you have any questions. Always willing to help. Wishing you much health and well being ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Thanks for bringing this amazing products to my notice,  I have not heard about this weight loss supplement before now, the research you made on this supplement is impressive and Precise which I believe will make me feel better and  solve my quest for the most successful weight loss product on the market today. Thanks for this wonderful recommendation.

    • You are very welcome Seun – so grateful that you found this article helpful and valuable. Let me know if you have any questions on the product and lastly – thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Truly appreciated. Wishing you much health and well being. ๐Ÿ™‚

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